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A World on Fire

I recently heard about a unique music video that demonstrates just how attainable the MDGs are.  The song is “World on Fire” by Sarah McLaughlin (see it here).  Instead of spending the average $150,000 on her music video, McLaughlin decided to spend just $15 and put the rest of the budget to use around the world helping about a million people.  For example, instead of spending $5000 for one day of hair and make-up, the money was used to put 145 girls in Afghanistan through school for one year.  The video is full of similar parallels that really question where people place their values.  If the money allocated away from a single music video can accomplish so much, imagine what could come from a simple ONE percent increase of the United States government’s budget.


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Bianca - Thanks for your post! This video is an excellent resource for education about the MDGs and global poverty. It shows such positive images of development and people's lives. Too often, we are used to seeing images of suffering and disease. While this is a reality for many living in the global south, it's really key to highlight LIFE and vibrancy. David Gist (BFW CA Organizer) and I recently spoke to students at Fuller Theological Seminary in California. We used Sarah's video as an introduction to our lecture.

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