Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger


I am taking a class this semester called Latin American Politics.  For the past week and the rest of the semester, we are focusing on the conflict in Colombia.  What is happening in Colombia though, is more than just another war.  For decades the people of Columbia have been ravaged by conflict between the government, the guerrillas, and the paramilitaries.  They live each day in fear of being attacked by any one of these groups.  They have no one to trust.  What is happening is not just, and many human rights violations have occurred and continue to happen.  People are kidnapped, tortured, and threatened on a daily basis.  I was excited to come across a multimedia presentation on sojo.net about churches' presence in Colombia despite what is occurring.  I encourage people to check this out (Colombia) and become informed about what is going on there.  It is a war we don't hear about very much; however, it is a reality for many and we need to start paying attention to it.


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