Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

MDG Pizza!!

I loved the idea of the ice cream Sundae with MDG toppings!  Such a clever way to educate people--- AND yummy too!  So in thinking about this... I have a suggestion for a main course:

Cook a pizza, and divide it up to represent the US Budget.  Each slice would be a different size, with the following proportions (and labeled):

Social Security: 20.9%

National Defense: 19.1%

Other Manditory: 17%

Non-Defense Discretionary: 16.1%

Midicare: 11.9%

Medicaid: 7.7%

Interest on Debt: 7.3%

Poverty Focused Development Assistance: 0.39%

And what would people get to eat?  of course only the poverty focused development assistance sliver of 0.39%, which would leave us all feeling very hungry.  Much like the real world.  Our lack of assistance leaves billions of people hungry.  Several of the pieces of pizza like the defense budget could be shared to make the Poverty Focused Development Assistance portion of the pizza a larger slice of the pie! The ONE campaign and Bread's new 2006 campaign is working to make that small piece of pizza a bit larger!  A good website for more detailed info on the budget and further links is: http://www.federalbudget.com/


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AWEsome idea. Next time I do a workshop I'm going to come in with food and an easy-bake oven and as I talk while the pizza's cook and everyone's mouth starts watering...their minds will sharpen...and then the example will be the kicker at the end as I take home 99.6% of the pizza!

Love it.

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