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Not Guilty Pleasure

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Need a study break?  Need a release after turning in that paper?  Need to vent after bombing that test?  Need a quick and easy date idea?  Need all of the above without tearing the world apart?  Literally?!

I was grocery shopping a few weeks back with a little bit of budget surplus and a lot of excitement for the upcoming baseball playoffs.  I was buying things I didn't usually, or ever, buy - brats, buns, (pumpkin) beer, etc...and even ice cream.  Unfortunately, my beloved Yankees (I know, I know) exited early, and I'm stuck with a lot of frozen hot dogs, but I was slightly mollified watching their season end when I noticed that the Ben and Jerry's 'Coffee Heath Bar Crunch' I had bought was made with 'Fair Trade Certified Coffee'.

I knew those guys were socially aware, but knew they had also sold the company a few years back to pursue other, equally worthwhile ventures.  Today I stumbled across this article:

Ben and Jerry's Returns to Social Issues.  It warmed my heart, and not just for the jolt of self-righteousness it provided me for buying such meaningful ice cream.

I like the fact that a mainstream company can succeed commercially and do it while striving to make a big difference in important ways in the lives of others with their product - by starting with the little things.  Just like us!

Read more about Ben and Jerry's fair trade certified coffee and what it takes to achieve that by clicking here.

And next time you're downing that pint (of Ben and Jerry's), don't feel bad!  Instead, with your new and growing knowledge, spread the word, assured that one by one, you can ensure trade justice in your daily routine and buying patterns - even with your sweet tooth.

Before you know it you'll be able to give a lecture on the importance of the World Trade Organization ministerial in December and how the decisions made there can affect millions of poor and hungry people!


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I went to the grocery store today with the intentions of buying some Blue Bell ice cream, but as I got to the ice cream aisle I saw the Ben and Jerry's and thought about your post, Seth, and I ended up buying the ice cream that is socially aware instead - Ben and Jerry's Brownie Swirl. No joke, this really happened. And the ice cream rocks.

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