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U2 Concert and ONE!!!

Last Wendesday I had the pleasure of working the ONE campaign at the U2 concert in DC, oh, my, was it amazing!!!!!  And yes, I'll admit, now I have reverted back to a 11 year old girl drooling over Bono.  Concert info first:  Bono is such a believer in the ONE campaign, that he gives all the ONE volunteers inner circle elipse passes.  I could have jumped up and untied Bono's shoelaces if I had wanted... but I just let him sweat on me instead :-)  OK, back to reality now.  The concert was amazing, and I was quite impressed with how much he talked about Africa, poverty, AIDS, and hope in the campaign.  Bono really got people committed to, I got about 300 signatures adding to the ONE campaign.  I was not all that sure about the celebrity aspect of the campaign, but seeing Bono perform as well as talk about Africa, I really think he is committed, believes in ONE, and can really change people.  What a blast!!


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Did you really get in the ellipse as a volunteer? Sounds like an amazing time...2 days until I get mine! Bono speaks more lucidly on the ideal and mission of ONE than many others...

YES!! It was amazing, for real, not only the floor yellow band, but a red wrist band for the inner circle as well!! And yes, I'm STILL giddy over Bono. :-) I wish I had brought a camera with me... (to get a photo of his sweat glands, of course). SO Seth, remember to take your camera, and send the photos, I want some great up and close photos of Bono! Have a WONDERFUL time!! And actually...I really had a blast getting people to sign uo for ONE as well!

Okay, I thought I was crazy about Bono, but Kendra you're giving me a run for my money! I haven't seen Bono's sweat glands, but I have taken a drink out of the same Coke can Bono drank from! How's that?!! :o)

Drank from the same can of coke?? Wow Erin!!! And to think that I know you!!! amazing!!

The weekend was beyond expectation. As a fan, I got SCANNED into the ellipse (2nd row of people) for Houston and then rocked it volunteering in Dallas. Too good to be true...when I get my pics back I'm going to try and see if words put with them can do the experience justice. Bono's better messaged on ONE than most...

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