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World AIDS Day

In order to raise awareness on Baylor campus, this year on December 1st, World AIDS Day, Student Global AIDS Campaign is trying to get 2,600 students, faculty, staff, friends, etc. to where an orange shirt that says "HIV +  Educate Yourself!"  Everyday we learn more and more about the effects of this horrible disease, yet we continue to take no action.  This small, conscious-rasing and advocacy campaign is important in educating peers about AIDS.  By having 2,600 people wearing the shirts on 12/1 will serve as a visual representation of Zimbabwe and several African nations where 20% of the population lives with HIV/AIDS.  Getting 20% of our student body to wear these shirts will be an amazing feat, and I hope it will also make impact.  It is a suttle thing that can have a hige influence.


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