Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Awareness, Advocacy, Action and Ribbons

I just learned about the activities Hastings College in Nebraska organized for Hunger and Homelessness week.  They used the theme "Awareness, Advocacy, and Action."  The first day, focused on Awareness, invited students on campus to join the ONE Campaign. 235 students signed the ONE Declaration contributing to the 2 million that have now signed the declaration.

The second day focused on Advocacy.  Students set up a call center so that people could call their members of Congress and voice their concerns for those struggling with hunger and homelessness.  They provided a list of members of Congress names and phone numbers to make the process go more smoothly.  They ended up with over 60 people participating!

They also in the call center invited people to prepare sack lunches for a local food ministry.  Over 400 sack lunches were made.

Wednesday's theme was Action.  Students during their chapel service offered reflections based on experiences of working with children in poverty at the international, national, and local levels.  During the service students were also invited to fast until dinner to deepen the awareness of those who live with the daily reality of hunger.

Finally, throughout the week, the campus community could look at a multicolored rope of ribbons with the names of all students, faculty, and staff members written on the ribbons. As a symbol of hope and the power one community has when visions and actions are united, the ribbons traveled around campus to bring awareness of community empowerment.

Way to go Hastings!


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