Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Why I Got Arrested

Some of you may have heard about the vigils Sojourners sponsored last week.  They were vigils to advocate for a moral budget and highlight the potential cuts to anti-poverty programs Congress was considering while passing tax cuts to the wealthiest in our society.  The vigil here in Washington, D.C., occured outside the Cannon House Office Building and over 100 religious leaders and activists blocked the enterence to the buidling and were arrested. 

My friend, Christa Mazzone, was one of the many arrested. Christa  Some of you may remember Christa because she helped organize the Emerging Leaders track at the One Table, Many Voices conferenceShe wrote a wonderful reflection for Sojomail that I encourage you to read on why she got arrested.  Here's an excerpt:

More than anything, I'm risking arrest this Advent season because I have hope. And hope is what Advent is all about. Every year during this time we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the child who will have the government on his shoulders and will be called the Prince of Peace. His rule will establish justice and righteousness (Isaiah 9). Like Mary, I strive to be one who "believed that what the Lord said to her will be accomplished." I believe the peace and justice celebrated as we anticipate Christ each Advent really are possible. I believe Jesus' birth really does mean good news for the poor and that liberation for each of us is possible. I have hope that the hearts of members of Congress can be softened for Americans struggling with poverty.


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