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Georgetown Writes Letters!

This is long overdue, but Ashley and I wanted to post something about the letter writing campaign we held on campus at Georgetown in November.  The bulk of it took place on Friday of Hunger and Homelessness week when we sat at a table in the center of campus all day.  We had two sample letters for people to copy.  One was domestic focused and asked for support of the Hunger-Free Communities Act, and the other was more international and asked representatives to support the MDG Resolution.

The fact that it was one of the first cold days of the semester was a little bit discouraging.  We were not excited to sit outside all day and worried that no one would want to stop.  However, after about 15 minutes the first person stopped, and he was from Hawaii!  I think sitting outside gave us a small sense of solidarity with homeless or other impoverished people who don’t have a choice about whether to sit outside in the cold.

Another interesting pair of letter-writters was a mother and her elementary school aged son.  It was interesting to see him ask his mother, and then Ashley and I, what the letters were for.  We wondered what kind of effect the letter in the little boy's handwriting would have on a representative.

Our table was located in between tables for a campus group advertising the Homelessness Walk in DC and a table for an AIDS awareness group.  Sitting so close together made us all realize that our issues were connected.  Our domestic letter encouraged Congress to support the Hunger-Free Communities Act, which would benefit many of the same people as the Homelessness walk.  Likewise, our international letter that pushed the MDG Resolution would have a powerful impact on global AIDS.

On the whole, anyone who stopped by our table that day was interested in what we had to say.  Many people who did not have time to write the letter took a sample letter with them to write later.  By the end of the day, we had over thirty letters, and we are still continuing to tell friends, family, and anyone else about the campaign.  If you are interesting in writing a letter to your Senator or Representative, here is the sample domestic letter and the international ONE Campaign sample letter.  You can find out who your representative is here.


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