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Mini-Live Aid at Davidson

Some_of_the_planning_group_2 Davidson College (Davidson, NC) organized a great event to help raise awareness about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), ONE, and hunger.  They organized a mini-Live Aid concert inspired in part by the Live 8 concerts held this past summer.  They held the event during a regularly scheduled “Live Thursdays”, a weekly nighttime venue for student performance.  They had five student perfoWill_jon_banner_1rmers and a student that emceed the evening.

As students were first gathering, they played a slideshow with pictures, statistics, and quotes about  the need for community and concern for others.  In between sets of various bands they presented information about the MDGs, the ONE Campaign, and the federal budget.  They kept the presentations short (less than five minutes) and were presented in an engaging way.  For the federal budget they used Ben Cohen’s model, so of course, also had Oreos as a snack!

In the back of the room, they set up three laptops so that students could sign the ONE Declaration  online. Signing_the_one_pledge The students that participated were interested in learning more so after the event, the organizers of the event sent out an email with more information about organizations that were working on the MDGs.  They’re also continuing the work by organizing a teach-in about the MDGs later this semester.  The same week of the teach-in, they’ll be organizing an Offering of Letters on One Spirit, One Will, Zero Poverty

Go Davidson!


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