Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

"The purpose of this conference is to create concrete action plans for next year.  We want to provide you with skills to create change," said Jenny Wood, USAC Student President at University of California, Los Angeles. 

Over the past weekend, I participated in a very well-organized and successful student-led conference - Thinking Globally, Acting Locally (TGAL.)  The best part about it - it was totally coordinated by students.  Over the course of two days, the conference provided students with education about the Millennium Development Goals, how to be an advocate on your campus and other ways to take action on issues of social justice.  TGAL brought together over 500 students from 41 different colleges and universities in California.  It was amazing!!!

The first keynote address was delivered by Carol Welch - the US Director of the Millennium Campaign.  She provided a wonderful overview of the Millennium Development Goals, the current level of funding by the US government and grassroots involvement with the goals.  Many students were inspired by the reality of the goals - it is our generation that will see their success or failure. 

During a workshop about the ONE Campaign, students came up with incredible ideas for expanding awareness about ONE on their campuses.   Check them out:

  • Coordinate a "rivalry" letter writing event.  In this case, the competition would be between UCLA and USC.  The challenge: Write more letters than the other school to members of Congress about the goals of the ONE Campaign.
  • Establish a ONE Chapter on campus.
  • Invite members of Congress who graduated from your college to speak about the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Work in coalition with other groups to plan an event about the MDGs
  • Promote awareness about the US Federal budget and how little is spent on the fight against global poverty.

Do you have any other ideas for continuing to build the movement?


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