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Internship Position at Bread

I am long overdue but I thought I’d devote this posting to the Hunger Report internship program at Bread.

Each year, Bread for the World Institute hosts a paid, year-long research intern to assist with all aspects of the publication of the Hunger Report. Some responsibilities include individual research and writing assignments, assisting the policy analysts with their research, and keeping track of hunger and poverty statistics for the report and the website.

When I began as the HR Intern in June of 2005, I dove right into work on the 2006 Hunger Report, set to be published in January. Much of my time in those first few months involved creating the new data table to be included in the reference section of the report.This was quite a big task to do since I was in charge of gathering and organizing updated statistics from various organizations such as the World Bank, the United Nations and the Census Bureau. Helping the analysts with their research was another task for me. As part of the Hunger Report team, I also helped with the in-house layout process of the report, an interesting learning process. 

Throughout all of this, I attended meetings and briefings in the DC area with research institutions and NGO’s, learning about a wide variety of topics relating to nutrition assistance. Inter-departmental communication with Bread staff also contributed to my growth as I experienced the inner-workings of a non-profit grassroots movement.

I was a part of and helped to organize two Consultations within Bread, one on food aid and the other on the draft of the Hunger Report. We brought in speakers to present on these topics and had many key observers and analysts from the non-profit network in DC commenting on our work. This was a great chance to to see Bread's connections.

Also the relationships I have made in the past year at work have been amazing. Since this was my first experience working in the “real world,” I had much to learn. Helping with the policy work and getting my hands into publishing the report have all influenced me in a positive way. Without a doubt, this internship has been a great opportunity for me to get my feet wet in research and advocacy work.

And please do check out the 2006 Hunger Report here. It’s a great analysis on the state of international and domestic nutrition assistance, covering such topics as food aid and the Food Stamps Program among others. And if I may put in a plug for the data tables, they give a comprehensive look into the state of hunger in the world.

Also, if interested in learning more about the internship, contact Gihani Perera at gperera@bread.org


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