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On-Campus Advocacy

It’s been awhile, but I’m back with news about some exciting campus advocacy at Georgetown.  I'm a member of a new student group OurMoment.  OurMoment strives to increase campus awareness of international development with a special emphasis on involvement in pursuing the Millennium Development Goals.  The goal is to connect various MDG related student groups at Georgetown with one another as well as with other students and organizations in the DC area and beyond.  If you’re interested in getting your university or organization involved with OurMoment, definitely check out our website at www.ourmoment.org.

One of the really exciting things I’m working on with OurMoment is a project to get professors to include international development and the MDGs in their curriculum.  We realized that if you want to get Georgetown students to pay attention to something, the best thing to do is make them learn it for a class.  We are beginning to talk to professors and work with them to integrate readings and discussions about the MDGs into their classes.  We’re hoping to eventually have mention of international development in many introductory level political science, theology, philosophy, history, and economics classes so that students who would not normally be seeking to learn about international development will be exposed early enough in their college carrier to really develop an interest.  We are also working to increase the number and scope of international development upper-level classes that will work in conjunction with the International Development certificate program that Georgetown will begin offering within in the next few semesters.

Although our club is new, it looks like we’re going to be doing lots of great things to promote the MDGs.  Stay tuned for more OurMoment updates!


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This is really awesome! I'm excited to see how this develops at Georgetown!!! You rock!

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