Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Action Alert: $5 billion for 2007

Please call your senators and representative during the week of April 24 at 1-800-826-3688. Urge them to increase poverty-focused development assistance by $5 billion for 2007.

[Note: This special, toll-free number will go directly to the Capitol switchboard, where you will ask to be connected to your member’s office in order to leave your message.]


Why are we asking for an additional $5 billion for poverty focused development assistance?


Currently the United States contributes less than one half of one percent (0.42%) of our federal budget for poverty-focused development assistance. We can do better than this.

When the leaders of the world’s most powerful countries gathered last summer in Scotland, President Bush committed to double aid to Africa and globally by 2010.   To meet this commitment and previous promises the president and Congress have made, poverty-focused development assistance would need to increase by $5 billion each year through 2010. But Congress and the president's actions so far do not put us on track to meet our commitments. There are still many opportunities for Congress to increase the funding for effective aid programs, The House, for example, is scheduled to vote on their budget the week of April 25. Congress must and can do better.

In 2000, 189 countries, including the United States, agreed to a set of eight specific goals for ending widespread hunger, poverty and disease in our world. In order to achieve these Millennium Development Goals, the U.S. share of the needed resources would be $25 billion by 2010. This means our government would need to increase poverty-focused development assistance by $5 billion in each year's budget through 2010.

The additional $5 billion dollars isn’t just a matter of reaching goals and promises; these funds would go to time-tested, effective programs that save and enrich people’s lives. This assistance puts more children in school, buys bed nets and vaccines to fight malaria, provides clean water to villages, builds roads so farmers can get their products to market, and helps people feed their families and improve their lives.


  • Nearly half the world’s population lives on less than $2 per day. More than 850 million people suffer from chronic hunger and malnutrition. Every day 30,000 children die from preventable causes, more than half of them related to hunger and malnutrition.

Your voice is needed. Study after study has documented that the most influential person with members of Congress is you, their constituent. Please call today. 1-800-826-3688

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What would happen to hunger for a moment if Congress to that $100 they're thinking about sending for many of us for gas relief... and used it to buy food?

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