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Sabbath and Sacred Spaces

Yesterday, my new, awesome pastor preached about the importance for Christians to take time for Sabbath.  She highlighted that taking time for Sabbath is hard in our always on the go society when eating a meal means sitting at your desk and eating while working through lunch.  Sacredjourneys_1She challenged the congregation to find ways - even small ways - to take Sabbath time.  This is time we spend with God, not a vacation.  I decided it was time for me to be disciplined again about doing a morning devotion as a first step to taking Sabbath.  I picked up my handy and always inspirational devotional book, Sacred Journeys: A Women's Book of Daily Prayer by Jan Richardson.

This week's theme in the book is on sacred spaces.  The question to reflect on today asked, "What is your first memory?"  I'm not sure if this is my first memory ever - it is fairly vague - but I have this memory of sitting in my living room with my mom.  I think my dad was working and my sister was at school.  I remember my mom looking through advertisements or maybe clipping coupons.  Then she asked if I wanted lunch, which I did and she made my favorite macaroni and cheese (yum!!!).  That's it.  That's my memory.  Very vague, but with my memory comes feelings of happiness, comfort, and safety.  As I think about sacred spaces, those feelings probably connect to many of my sacred spaces.  What I also thought was interesting was that this first memory involved food.  I was curious if that would be similar for others.  So in the spirit of that curiosity, does your first memory include food?


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Hey! I went to seminary with Jan and was curious if she has a blog out here in the blogosphere. I found her web page but no links to a blog of any sort that I saw. Looks like a cool Blog by the way.

Thanks, John! I haven't heard a about a blog by Jan, but I'll be on the lookout! Let me know if you find one.

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