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Women as Church Leaders

I know I've been sorely neglecting this blog.  Please forgive me.  So to connect my post today with Bread for the World is a bit of a stretch!  I suppose I could argue that if we recognize that women's empowerment and getting girls into schools are key components to good development, we also need to make sure we reflect this in the industrialized world as well.  So, this Christian Science Monitor editorial is an interesting one about why women as church leaders are not as prevalent as one would hope.  This topic of women being marginalized by the church has been on my heart a lot recently for a few reasons.  One, 2006 marks the 50th Anniversary of full-clergy rights for women in the United Methodist Church - my own tradition.  I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful celebration of this anniversary in Baltimore.  It was one of the most powerful worship experiences I've ever had - a whole celebration led by women, about women and even used female language to describe God!!!!!!!!!

I've also been thinking about this issue because I finally saw The DaVinci Code movie (the book was way better in my opinion)!  Also, my church got a new pastor about three weeks ago and guess what?  My new pastor is an AWESOME, young woman!  My church has been around for over 130 years, is diverse both culturally and racially, but this is the first woman pastor we have ever had.  Can you believe that?  Well actually, I can.  The article I referred to earlier mentioned that,

In 15 US Protestant denominations that do ordain women, only an average of 12 percent of the clergy are female.

Grrrr.  So as we lift up the important role women play in reducing hunger and poverty worldwide let us also remember women in the industrialized world that have also struggled for equality.  And let us celebrate awesome women clergy!


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