Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger


Are you looking for a good summer read and just can't quite motivate yourself to pick up Tony Hall's Changing the Face of Hunger or Jeffrey Sachs The End of Poverty?  If so, I've got a book recommendation for you!

Zorro_jacket_sm Yes, that's right, the book is Isabel Allende's version of Zorro.  It is such a fun book!  I didn't grow up watching the Zorro movies or cartoon (until last night I didn't even know there was a Zorro cartoon), but this book is a perfect summer reading book.  Allende approaches the Zorro story by focusing on his childhood and youth days - the beginnings of Zorro.  If you're wondering why I would include this book on a blog about hunger, don't despair, the book brings up important issues like oppression, poverty, and war, so it's got your social justice themes along with adventure, pirates and romance!

Still not convinced?  The book also weaves in a few themes of religion.  Zorro joins a secret society called "La Justicia" with an oath that reminds me of something in Matthew...

The oath was elegantly simple: "To seek justice, nourish the hungry, clothe the naked, protect widows and orphans, give shelter to the stranger, and never spill innocent blood."

Zorro is a very likable character who manages to make women swoon with his gallant tone and "very white" teeth!!  Who doesn't want a read a book where the hero is described by his white teeth! :o)   Zorro's not the only likable character in the book though.  If you run to the library now and check out your copy of Zorro, I'm sure you too will begin to enjoy Bernardo, Isabel, Julianne, and of course, the pirate Jean Lafitte!!  So, during these hot, summer days, relax and read a fun book that still weaves important issues of justice into the story!


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