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Here's a wonderful opportunity for Jewish leaders interested in social justice issues.  Feel free to alert anyone you know that is interested in this great opportunity. The deadline to apply is October 16.

The purpose of Selah is to create a network of Jewish social justice leaders who will develop a common skill set, a sense of accountability and mutual support, foster an aligned vision for movement building, and build the trust necessary for risk taking and innovative collaboration.

Knock, knock

A few weeks ago I did something that pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I went door knocking with a few others from my church to get out the vote for the upcoming primary elections occurring in our county.  Being an introvert, the idea of knocking on stranger's doors made my stomach drop and my heart race.  This was not something I really wanted to do at all.  We were going as part of a larger community organizing group in my county called Action in Montgomery (AIM).  (Montgomery is the name of our county.)  After hundreds of house meetings to hear what the issues that most concerned residents in our county, AIM came up with a platform of five issues that we have been asking all the candidates running for county council and county executive to support.  These issues include affordable housing, immigration, pedestrian safety, education, and community centers.

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