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My Honeybee Friends

In my last post, I mentioned my love and respect for U2 and Bono.  Today, while a little off-topic, I'd like to share with you another of my loves - honeybees.  While most people I know shiver and freak out about bees; I love them, find them fascinating creatures and have the utmost respect for them.  They are communal, efficient, clean and productive.  They are a marvelous example of community.  And who doesn't like honey?!! (They also happen to be the state insect of Missouri!!!)

Sadly, in a recent Washington Post article, I learned that yet again, honeybees are in danger due to a new illness that is called, "Colony Collapse Disorder."  This illness that little is known about is severely affecting colonies with some beekeepers reporting that over 50% of their colonies were destroyed.  While a little off topic from hunger and poverty - honeybees do affect the food we eat.  As the article points out,

Along with being producers of honey, commercial bee colonies are important to agriculture as pollinators, along with some birds, bats and other insects. A recent report by the National Research Council noted that in order to bear fruit, three-quarters of all flowering plants _ including most food crops and some that provide fiber, drugs and fuel _ rely on pollinators for fertilization.

If you like honey or fruit or vegetables, I'd encourage you to read the article so you know what's Sue_hubbell_1going on in the little known world of honeybees and apiarists and the serious risk honeybees are facing.  If your curiosity is really peaked about the wonderful creatures that honeybees are, I might recommend you read a lovely book by Sue Hubbell, A Country Year: Living the Questions.  This book is how my love affair with honeybees began!


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