Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Our Prayers are with You

Bread for the World sends it's deepest sympathy and prayers to the community of Virginia Tech.  Our hearts and thoughts are with you. 

A Prayer by Blair Gilmer Meeks

God of heaven and earth, you know the sound a sparrow makes when it falls to the ground.
Hear now our voices joined in quiet outrage.
We are thunderstruck, and cannot find the words.
Send your Spirit to speak for us, O God,
to plead our case before you and release the anguish of our hearts.

God of all consolation,
we cry for peace, and there is none in our hearts.
Send your river of life flowing through us
to cleanse the wounds of our sorrows and still the turmoil of our minds.

We cry against the flagrant waste of lives,
promises that will not be kept, friendships lost, the love of family left ungratified.
Our cries protest the deaths that rob the living and the dead of precious time
and plunge us into the depths of grief and pain.
Because we cannot understand, show us your peace that passes all understanding.

God of life, your anger sears the mountains
and strikes terror in those who spurn your will:
Open our eyes to your presence and let us see
that death is always counter to your word.
Show us your streams that rush with living water,
your mindful watch in every struggle against death.
Give us grace to know your gift in Jesus,
our companion through death's night, and our guide to your new day's glory.
Fill us with your Spirit's breath of life and life us to you in our need
the we may know your sorrow, deep as our own, and hear your word of hope.
In Jesus' name.  Amen.


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Here is a great site (to light a candle for the victims at Virginia Tech)

thank you, we all needed that.

stay close folks, we just never know . . .

sammi in seattle

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