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Cool version of the Lord's Prayer

This past Sunday at my church we discussed prayer.  It's part of a summer "Worship Lab" series where we are focusing on various aspects of worship.  We are using the Worship Lab to explore what it means to be a worshiping community and try different ways of worshiping God to stretch our understanding and experience of worship.  We discussed the Lord's Prayer as part of the prayer topic.  Both the role ritual prayer can play, but also how powerful the Lord's Prayer is when you stop to think about its words.  In our bulletin were several versions of the Lord's Prayer and one I really liked is from the Council of American Indian Ministries.

Great Spirit whose tepee is in the sky

and hunting ground is on the earth,

All afraid of You and mighty are You called;

Ruler over storms, over people and birds, and beasts and mountains,

Have Your way over all, over earthways and skyways;

Find us this day our meat and corn, that we may be strong and brave;

And put aside from us our wicked ways,

as we put aside the bad of all who do us wrong;

And let us not have troubles that lead into crooked paths;

But keep everyone in our camp from all danger;

For yours is all that is: the earth and sky,

the streams, the hills, and the valleys, the stars,

the moon, and the sun; all that live and breathe.

Wonder, Shining Mighty Spirit!


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