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Elaine Goes to a ONE-Themed Birthday Party

There are all kinds of celebrations of life. Weddings. Wedding Showers. Bachelor Parties. Graduation Parties. Baby Showers. Birthday parties. Quinceañeras.  You name it.

Imagine using these festive occasions to commemorate The ONE Campaign! 

Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger offers a great example.  The organization developed a program to encourage young people to combine the joyous occasion of their bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah with an action to create awareness about hunger and poverty"Taken together, these two things (the tragedy of hunger and the happiness  of a bar/bat mitzvah) represent the joy and sorrow of life. Both deserve your family's attention," says Mazon.   

And one couple in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., who is very committed to The ONE Campaign used the occasion of their nuptials this past July to hold a ONE-themed wedding.

This brings us to the ONE-themed birthday party that was held in Birmingham, Ala., this summer, in which our good friend Elaine VanCleave was privileged to have participated.  You Know Elaine. She's blogged here before and will blog here again.

Onebirthday2It is quite evident that Elaine encountered a raucous crowd at this event,.  Just look at this picture!   [What ever are they doing?  Using a ONE band as a garter?]   

Read Elaine's account on the ONE blog about how this party came about.   

So the next time you have a celebration of life, perhaps you might consider a ONE-themed party of some kind.  Who says you can't have a great time while bringing attention to our  efforts to end global poverty and disease and to support the Millennium Development Goals?


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