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We will miss you, Erin!

Tomorrow is Erin Luchenbill’s last day at Bread. She and her husband, Tim, are moving to Michigan. Erin has been our Campus Organizer for the last five and a half years, working with students across the country to build an advocacy movement against hunger. She is a great colleague and friend, and an inspiration to all of us. Erin was also the founder of Campus Bread, so we thought it would be fitting to post a tribute to her today from her fellow bloggers.*

Erin and I traveled together for the first time in March 2005.  We went to Berkeley for the COOL/Idealist Conference.  It was super fun to chill in Berkeley – eat crepes, hang out at a campus pub and connect with campus activists around the country.  I learned so much from Erin during that short trip and have continued to enjoy our travel time together.  I will always remember our last trip out to a local campus near the beach in Los Angeles.  The professor forgot about our visit, so we went to the beach instead, dipped our feet in the ocean and ate yummy food!  Erin – I am so grateful that our time has overlapped at Bread.  May the next path of life fill you with joy.  We will miss you!

Holly Hight
Faith Outreach Organizer

Erin's infectious energy and passionate pursuit of justice will be sorely missed.  Her sense of fun and gift of creativity weren't just assets to her job as campus organizer, but moreover they informed how she dealt with all people - which is what the job of campus organizer is all about: people.  Erin will be missed first and foremost because she's a "people conduit" - she makes people feel empowered, excited and engaged in doing something meaningful with their voices and passions for other people and she's always looking for new avenues to do it through.  Without Erin, there is no 'Bread Blog' or outreach to "emerging leaders" or...I could keep going!  She's been a great example to learn from, a great colleague, and a friend above all - to all she works with.  Godspeed, Erin.

Seth Wispelwey
Texas/Oklahoma Region

She looks like a college student!!!  That is a great qualification to have when working with college students but that is just superficial – Erin brought SO MUCH more to her position as college organizer for Bread.  I was privileged to work with her as we launched three campus chapters of BFW in Birmingham.  Our first big project, though, was a BFW/ONE event at Samford University in Fall 2004.  (I’ve been told that this event, that attracted 300 area college students, was the very first grassroots-organized ONE event in the country!)  One of the best lessons Erin taught me was to NOT call college students “kids”!!! I still slip up now and then but will always remember her thoughtful explanation as to why “kids” was not an appreciated term.
Good luck, Erin!!! We, I especially, will really miss you!

Elaine VanCleave
BFW Volunteer District Organizer
Birmingham, AL

From the moment I arrived at this office, Erin has been incredibly supportive. Whatever my questions, from how to schedule an appointment on Outlook to how I should organize a presentation, Erin has always been willing to stop what she is doing to help me. I will also miss our morning chats about our shared appreciation for colorful socks, Harry Potter, and Word of the Day emails. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Erin, as you move on, I look forward to hearing about your new adventures, ideas, and ever-expanding lexicon! 

Miriam Straus,
Organizing Assistant
Washington DC

Because I work at the University of New Mexico, I have had many opportunities to interact with student organizations and campus ministry groups.  My involvement in hunger-related forums and Bread for the World activities on UNM's campus has been much easier because of Erin's support.  Not only could I count on her to send the materials I needed, but she was always there when I needed a second opinion about a proposal or  project. For example, she helped us organize an Offering of Letters at the Student Union building in 2005 and sent a lot of helpful information for our Hunger Awareness Week in 2007. And thanks to Erin's assistance, we were able to send three young people to Bread for the World National Gatherings in 2005 and 2007.

Carlos Navarro
BFW State Coordinator
New Mexico

“Like a wink and a smile…”
Erin Luchenbill’s smile crinkles deep into her eyes, drawing you into her mirth and sharing the simplest joys.  From the day I started here at Bread for the World I’ve felt embraced by that smile, welcomed with a sincerity of heart. I have been blessed time and time again to be challenged by her passions and encouraged by her faithfulness.  All the best wherever life takes you, sweet Erin!

Diana Smith
International Policy Intern
Washington, DC

A kind spirit, a welcoming face, a fellow chocoholic and book aficionado – there is so much to love about Erin.  She will be truly missed.

Dana Olson
Development Associate
Washington, DC

When I think of Erin, I think of gentle strength.

Sister Margaret Mary Kimmons
Religious Community Outreach
Washington, DC

*Some of the titles we nearly used for this post:

Everything's Going A-Rye

Flour Power Loses Some Oomph... But We Will Rise Again!

Who Will Post Post-Erin?

Erin Rolls Out

Campus Bread Loses its Butter

Breadblog Loses a Cog - and We're Agog!


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Thanks everyone!! You all made me cry! I am going to miss you all dearly!

Best of luck, Erin. I remember when you were first working together to build support for the idea of this blog. What a great success you've made of it! You are leaving behind a great legacy.

Andrew Cohen
Alexandria, VA

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