Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

“I want my Deep Fried Food!”

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When New Jersey Middle school students returned to school this fall, they had quite the shock – no more FRENCH FRIES!  The school district had removed all deep fryers from the cafeteria kitchen.

“It wasn’t a clean transition over that, I’ll be honest,” said Patricia Johnson, the food service director, who noted that the district now offers baked fries, though not every day. “We had a lot of pouting that lasted about two or three weeks, and they got over it.”

According today’s NY Times, school districts throughout our nation are taking steps to combat childhood and youth obesity.  The national nutrition standards for schools are sub par at best.  Healthy food choices start with healthy food environments.

Learn more about obesity and hunger at BFW’s website.


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I think this is a great move and I hope the trend continues across the US. I think it's stupid to think kids only want to eat fried foods or sweets. Now hopefully, schools will also be able to start buying more locally grown food to serve as well!

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