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Eliminate our dependence on gasoline by 2050? (But not with corn)

National Geographic online has a comprehensive article about ethanol, and how it can be produced without the use of corn or other food.  Here is a great quote from the article:

"We can create ethanol in an incredibly dumb way," says Nathanael Greene, a senior researcher with the Natural Resources Defense Council. "But there are many pathways that get us a future full of wildlife, soil carbon, and across-the-board benefits." The key, Greene and others say, is to figure out how to make fuel from plant material other than food: cornstalks, prairie grasses, fast-growing trees, or even algae. That approach, combined with more efficient vehicles and communities, says Greene, "could eliminate our demand for gasoline by 2050."

Check it out


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yeah,that`s probably gonna happen.
i agree.

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