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Walk the Walk

The leaves are turning and the air is beginning to feel cool and crisp.  This could only mean that the annual CROP Walk is around the corner in many communities across our great land.

The walks, sponsored by Church World Service, are a fun multi-generational activity, offering the opportunity for churches, congregations or civic organizations to get their members involved in raising funds for CWS's local and international anti-hunger and disaster-relief programs. Here in New Mexico, we have five CROP Walks scheduled in October and three in November (plus one that was held in April and another whose date is to be determined).  Our neighbors up north in Colorado have 23 CROP Walks scheduled.

But far too often we think of Church World Service in terms of its CROP Walks and its charitable activities and not enough of its great educational programs.                                                             


Did you know that CWS is one of dozens of organizations that are partners in The ONE Campaign?   

As part of its commitment to ONE, CWS has created a great resource called  Making Poverty History.   You can order the resource online or download a .pdf version 

A global chorus of voices is calling to make poverty history. We have the resources, we have the knowledge, but do we have the will? The activities collected here are meant to help build that will by providing a glimpse into the lives and struggles of impoverished people around the world. The simulations, skits, and other elements can be used as a part of CROP Hunger Walks, Tools & Blankets events, overnight events or retreats, mission fairs, church camps, and other learning events on hunger and poverty. 
  -From CWS Making Poverty History

This resource offers a great opportunity to add another level of meaning to your walk.  For our Colorado-New Mexico two-state area, this means 33 opportunities!
(Above photo by Paul Jeffrey/ACT-CWS)  


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