Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

What is the purpose of my studies?


By Ileana Garcia-Soto, Church Relations Intern at Bread and student at North Park Theological Seminary

"What is the purpose of my studies? In favor of whom do I study? Against what do I study? Against whom do I study?"

I encountered these questions while reading Pedagogy of Indignation by Paulo Freire.  As a new semester starts, we must ask ourselves these questions. Every area of study has the potential to work for change in the world. If you think that a mathematician or a biologist has nothing to offer, you are wrong.  Paulo Freire would say that we all take part in this world with what we do or not do.

As you start this new semester, reconnecting with friend and building new friendships, present them with these questions. Give them the opportunity to question if they are studying for the sake of studying or if there is more to that.

As you probably have noticed how we use our education is very important to me. Achieving universal primary education, Millennium Development Goal # 2, is not a small goal and the impact of meeting this goal will be great. It breaks my heart to think that children, especially girls, in many countries will not start school this semester.  Those who do have the opportunity to attend to school may not learn well because they are hungry.      

Those of us with access to higher education must rethink how we are using it. How education will ignite action today?  Your action!

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Organize a Stand Up Event in your community for October 17


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