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Gratitude for Congressman Ellison's courageous vote - by Donna Neste, BFW member

10407breadfortheworld_2 Recently, Bread for the World members Lois Swenson, Dale Stuepfert, Linda Haggerty and Mike Batell joined me in meeting with Representative Keith Ellison's District Director, Brian Elliot at the Congressman's Minneapolis office. We came bearing constituent thank you notes and a large thank you poster with over 50 signatures to formally thank Representative Ellison for his courageous vote in support of the "Fairness in Farm and Food Policy Amendment" to the Farm Bill.

This amendment would have limited commodity payments to the wealthiest producers and better targeted such payments towards farmers of modest means, while investing more in vital domestic priorities in nutrition, rural development and conservation. Though this amendment did not pass in the House, Mr. Elliot assured us that this grassroots pressure was responsible for the significant steps forward on nutrition and rural development in the bill that passed the House, as well as the modest steps taken towards the introduction of more serious payment limits. He also assured us that the components of the Fairness Amendment are not dead, as the Farm Bill will soon be debated in the Senate Agriculture Committee. The members were encouraged to call their Minnesota Senators, Amy Klobuchar and Norm Coleman, as both sit on the committee. The visitors were also able to thank Representative Ellison personally when they were surprised with a conference call from Washington with the Congressman himself.

Note: This morning, the Minneapolis Star Tribune published a letter to the editor from Donna publicly thanking Congressmen Ellison and Rep. Jim Ramstad for their votes on the Fairness Amendment.  You can read her letter (and other letters from Bread members) here.

Thanks for your powerful voice Donna!

To write your own letter to your local newspaper, visit BFW's Guide to Local Media.

Learn about the Farm Bill by visiting Bread's website


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