Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Hoping for some debate next week...

Once again, the debate on the farm bill has been delayed.  It may start up again early next week.  Blog for Rural America is live-blogging the farm bill debate (when it is actually happening!) - be sure the check it out.  I was a little disappointed when I read this post on their blog:

....I can't remember who, but earlier someone referenced the 2002 debate in the Senate. Apparently the debate lasted 4 weeks, 245 amendments were considered, and 19 roll call votes were taken.


Let's hope that the process moves smoothly next week.  Keep checking our website for updates and ways to take action on various amendments.  Invite your friends to call congress in support of the Dorgan-Grassley payment limit amendment and Lugar-Lautenberg reform amendment.

On the global front, I read a great post today on the Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation Blog.  Lallie Lloyd writes about why churches should advocate for the Millennium Development Goals.  She is one of the main contributors to a study guide for churches about the MDGs.

Google has teamed up with the UN and Cisco to launch a MDG Monitoring Site.  It's an excellent resource for educating ourselves and others about progress towards the MDGs.  I really enjoyed browsing through the site! Check it out.

November 12-18 is Global Poverty Prayer WeekTearfund UK has launched a website with resources for organizing a prayer event in your community.  I love the idea of "Prayer Pods."  It's a creative way to incorporate art into our prayers about global poverty. 


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