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The debate on the farm bill started about an hour ago.  Senator Harkin is wearing a killer green tie.  If you want to watch it live, check it out on C-SPAN. We anticipate the introduction of amendments sometime tomorrow.  Lugar-Lautenberg will come up later in the week, while Grassley-Dorgan is likely to be the first or second amendment on the floor.  We're hearing good news about broad support for Grassley-Dorgan.  The amendment would place a hard cap on commodity payments of $250,000 per year and it provides a better definition of who is considered a farmer.  Over five years, the amendment will save $513 million and direct this funding into nutrition, specialty crops and beginning farmers and ranchers.

Lugar-Lautenberg will replace the existing commodity payment programs with a system of improved and expanded crop insurance.  It is a viable alternative to our current payment structure.  We have yet to hear how much will be saved with this change, but savings will be redirected into nutrition, conservation and McGovern-Dole international school feeding program. Michael Pollan mentioned this amendment in his NY Times editorial - Weed it and Reap.

A more radical alternative proposed by Senator Richard Lugar, Republican of Indiana, and Senator Frank Lautenberg, Democrat of New Jersey, would scrap the current subsidy system and replace it with a form of free government revenue insurance for all American farmers and ranchers, including the ones who grow actual food. Commodity farmers would receive a payment only when their income dropped more than 15 percent as the result of bad weather or price collapse. The $20 billion saved under this plan, called the Fresh Act, would go to conservation and nutrition programs, as well as to deficit reduction.

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I'm bummed I missed the green tie!

Yeah, it was pretty sweet. Maybe today he'll wear a tie with corn stalk graphics.

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