Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Is that corn in your hair?

I'll save you the bother of running your fingers through your hair to brush it out.  It's there.  And you can't.

The Senate's extremely frustrating intractability on moving forward with the farm bill thus far freed me up to see King Corn late yesterday afternoon.  As you'll be able to see in the trailer below, King Corn is a documentary that essentially brings to life the first section of Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma, if you've read it.  A couple of guys  move to Iowa to grow just one acre of corn, and from there attempt to track just where it goes - and the answers are fascinating, surprising, disgusting, and definitely educational - sometimes all at once!   Undergirding (sometimes overtly) all of the film's events is the debate  over the way our  nation eats,  what it eats, and  how  (IF) we are really supporting  the  farmers  who  supply our  "food" supply.  I highly recommend  checking it out this weekend if you can, especially given the coinciding  farm bill debate timing.  (They even have a nice section on the relevance of their film to the farm bill on their site).

It's playing in a number of cities this fall, and you can check out if it's near you at the link above.  Watch the trailer below!  Hopefully we'll be back later with an update on if the Senate was able to pass cloture this afternoon and therefore start debate and votes on the farm bill and (hopefully) germane amendments tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


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My favorite quote in that trailer is "We aren't growing corn, we're growing crap!"

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