Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Working Harder for Working Families


Bread for the World Institute released the 2008 Hunger Report on the web today. You can download it here. The report - Working Harder for Working Families - examines economic justice in our nation.  As Todd Post writes on Institute Notes blog, we've done a great job in advocating for programs to alleviate hunger, yet working families still struggle to put food and basic resources on the table.

Todd continues:

It is outrageous to think that a parent can work his or her tail off and still not be able to get their family above the poverty line.... It doesn’t have to be this way. Political choices allow it to happen, for example, by choosing not to raise the minimum wage while costs of living are rising, by enabling corporations to prosper via tax cuts and failing to enforce labor laws, leading to the easy exploitation of workers, by deregulating financial industries that allow predators like payday lenders and sub prime mortgage lenders to strip whatever little wealth poor families have, and watching this occur and doing nothing to stop it. Political choices enable injustice, but they can also right injustice.

The 2008 Hunger Report helps shape Bread for the World's policies in the coming years.  This report offers a number of recommendations including: expanding safety net programs like the Child Tax Credit; and helping low-income families build assets in order to purchase a home, send their children to college or invest in a small business.  Download it here.  You can also fill out the form on our website to receive a print copy in January 2008.


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