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Cindy on the World Economic Forum

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Bono and Al Gore: World Economic Forum Annual mtg

It is my pleasure to provide this link since I feel poverty and environmental sustainability are pretty much the same issue. Here are Bono and Gore, the Big Dudes of each of the issues, in a joint interview. It's awesome to see them presenting together! These two have seen the importance of working together to save the planet. They speak about the fact that the brunt of the climate crisis is going to be felt by the developing world and all the good work will be undone if we don't focus on sustainability, too.

Notable moments from the interview...

Good news about poverty from Bono:

  • 29 million more children in Africa going to school due to debt cancellation
  • 2 million Africans on AIDS drugs due to the work the recent administration in Washington
  • 46 million bednets distributed

Bad news:

  • Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) look like they are not going to be achieved in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Commitments made by the G8 summit to fight poverty in 2005 will not happen.

Best quips:

"I've recently begun to fear I may be losing my objectivity on Bush and Cheney" -- Al Gore
"Father Al, I am not just a noise polluter, I am a noise-polluting, diesel-sucking, ethane-emitting, gulf stream-flying rock star" -- Bono


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