Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

If bread could talk and all of you could listen...

We'd call it something like a 'breadcast'.  If only bread could talk...oh wait...

Give us feedback on 'breadcast' and win a Bread for the World iPod Nano(!)

We released an especially excellent breadcast yesterday. It features excerpts from Bono’s historic speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, an interview on the Millennium Development Goals with Eric Muñoz of the Bread for the World Institute, music from Opiyo Bilongo and Extra Golden and reminds listeners that the deadline for applying to be a Hunger Justice Leader is fast approaching.

And, we invited listeners to give us feedback on the podcast by sending us an email telling us what you’ve enjoyed and what else you’d like to hear to breadcast@bread.org. One lucky podcast listener who gives us feedback will win their very own limited edition iPod Nano with the words “Have Faith. End Hunger.” engraved on the back. So, be sure and send us your thoughts today!

You can listen here on your computer, or better yet, just search Bread for the World on iTunes and subscribe to the podcast for free. Then you’ll automatically receive breadcast each month!  


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Wow, great giveaway! :)

When will the winner be announced?

Hmmm...good question, will try to find out --- or give us your feedback and maybe YOU'LL find out! : )

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