Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

What are you hungry for?

Last Sunday, I had a chance to worship with St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Albany, CA.  I was invited to the welcome breakfast before the service where I was treated to homemade waffles!  They were delicious. =)

After the service, I met with Pastor Linda and a few members of the church.  We brainstormed ideas for an upcoming Lenten series on the topic, "What are you hungry for?"  Pastor Linda hopes the service will reach out to young people in the congregation and offer them a way to reflect more deeply on their faith.  The theme of hunger so clearly fits with Lent, because it's a time when we ponder our hunger for God and perhaps, in a more global sense, the hunger in our world.  A creative worship idea emerged from the discussion.

At the first service, people will take a few minutes to write a letter to themselves or God on the topic of their personal hunger - what am I hungry for?  The second service, people will write a letter to the church - what am I hungry for at church?  At the final service, the group will write letter to their members of congress about global hunger - specifically asking for significant increases in poverty focused development assistance and urging their senators to pass the Global Poverty Act.  Pastor Linda thought this was a great way to introduce the idea of letter writing to a group of young people.

What is your church doing during this Lenten season?  Are you engaging in activities personally or collectively that lift up the needs of people who are living in poverty?


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That is a really good idea. I love the integration that shows between "spiritual" concerns and "more global" concerns. Great stuff!!

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