Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Way Down in the Hole...Wheat

A few articles popped up this weekend related to hunger and nutrition, both domestically and abroad.  All are worth reading, reflecting and commenting on, so let's get started, beginning with the local and working our way outwards.

My Forbidden Fruits (and Vegetables) - This Op-Ed is currently the most emailed article of the day over at the New York Times...and with good reason.  Written by a farmer, it outlines the vast lapses in logic of the American commodity support system from the vantage point of a small farmer...and many like him around the country...how growers of produce are not only not supported, but lose their payments for their commodity crops if they even try to diversify!  And much more - I know you may be sick of 'farm bill-ness' after all we've gone through in the past year - but this directly affects your local farmer's markets...and your dinner plate!



Paging Mr. Prez...

Free Lunch Isn't Cool, So Some Students Go Hungry - As lower-income students in this country move beyond elementary school to the more social-status conscious confines of middle school and beyond...school systems are finding that some students will just as soon go without so as not to appear unable to 'provide for themselves' amongst their peers.  The article also highlights approaches some school systems are taking to combat the trend - students who eat are obviously healthier, but also learn better.

You know what else isn't cool?  35 million people - including 13 million children - going hungry in the U.S.

(Also, bonus points for whoever can tell me who that is in the picture above and why it relates)


Finally, Soaring Food Prices Putting U.S. Emergency Aid in Peril - an article highlighting the effects that the biofuel movement, upward mobility by millions in China and India, and other factors are having on the world's ability to provide food aid to crisis areas of hunger, peril and starvation.  In some cases, extremely difficult decisions are going to be made soon about where to cut back and reduce aid, even as  hunger threatens to increase in these areas. 

Unfortunately it won't let me embed this one, but for video goodness on the same story, the BBC has it covered on YouTube.



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A critical underpinning of a healthy diet is unquestionably the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, many adults do not like these fine foods - so kids are the concern. Anyone interested in getting kids to develop a friendly attitude towards fruits and vegetables should take a look at a new book called “The ABC’s of Fruits and Vegetables and Beyond.” Great for kids of all ages – children even learn their alphabet through produce poems. Out only six months it is already being used in educational programs. It is coauthored by best-selling food writer David Goldbeck and Jim Henson writer Steve Charney. You can learn more at HealthyHighways.com

That's Dukie from "The Wire" and he's extremely poor and definitely qualifies for free and reduced lunch, and Mr. Prez helps him out by bringing him a good food and much more.

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