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Update on Blogging from Zambia


The delegation from Independent Presbyterian Church (Birmingham, Ala.) that is currently in Zambia decided to provide updates about their trip through occasional postings from Associate Pastor Susan Clayton. 

Originally, these updates were to come from a blog set up by Bread for the World activist Elaine VanCleave.

In the latest update from Rev. Clayton, she talks about the challenges facing a couple they know in the community of Mwandi who are missionaries from the Church of Scotland.  The couple, Keith and Ida Wadell, have many infants in their care.

Ida got a note from the hospital about a six-month old baby whose mother had died in childbirth.  The baby was in the hospital for malnutrition because the family taking care of h er did not have enough money for milk.  They are asking Ida to put her on the infant formula program and, of course, she cannot refuse them.  The problem is that she now has 78 infants on the feeding program and is currently out of formula as well as not having enough funds to cover the children that she is already caring for.

Click here to read the rest of this account and other updates.

By the way, Elaine did send us an e-mail note about a great experience she had.

Yesterday, we were leaving the Livingstone airport and as we were driving through the downtown area in a Mwandi Mission van, a young man came up to the van and knocked on the window and asked if there was a Mrs. VanCleave in the van!!!!!  He was Valentine Lee, a Davidson College student I had met at Bread's National Gathering in 2007.  (He is a friend of Ann Watford, a young woman who accompanied me on a visit to Rep. Spencer Bachus' office).  I thought I was on Candid Camera and he was going to say I was really on the Universal Studios backlot and not in Mwandi after all -ala Ricky Gervais commercial! Whoa!!!!  Small world indeed! 


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