Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger


Tamela Walhof is the Senior Regional Organizer based in Minneapolis, MN. This is her first post on Bread Blog.  Welcome, Tamela!

Nearly every day brings dire news about the economy.  The late night talk shows attempt jokes about bank collapses and deepening economic gloom.  Maybe for relief we laugh with them, because it hurts to consider the consequences.  But we know the economic crisis is no laughing matter, and we know that those who are hurt the most are those who are most vulnerable, both in our country and around the world.

Mud_cookies Today is World Food Day.  Many events and activities are planned across our nation and world today and this weekend.  How do you plan to “celebrate”? Whether you have a lot planned or just a little, consider carving out some time to fast and pray.

Pray for families in this country who are struggling to make ends meet.  Pray for our Haitian brothers and sisters who have been through four hurricanes in about as many weeks, and who may have been surviving on mud cookies to fill their stomachs even before the disasters.  Pray for all those around the world impacted by rising food prices and the current hunger crisis.

As you fast, consider the place of food in your life and reflect on what it would be like to experience hunger on a regular basis.  Think about the abundance of resources, including food, which God has provided.  Examine the causes of the global food crisis, repent for ways in which you see that you personally or our country and government may have contributed to the problem, and plan ways to work at making things right, seeking God’s guidance for those plans.

If this weekend turns out not to be the right time for this action, plan to make space for fasting and prayer on another day or weekend soon.  Or consider doing what the Presbyterian Church (USA) is doing, and fast each month, using each month to reflect on a different country or different cause related to the hunger crisis. Check out their plans and the story of its proposal by Iowa Hunger Action Enabler (and Bread for the World member), Nancy Lister-Settle.

If you are inclined to share your experience, send me a note. Thanks!

May God bless our fasts and hear our prayers!

Tamela K. Walhof
Email: breadmn@bread.org

photo by Arian Cubillos/AP


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