Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

How to B.E.A.T. hunger? Represent!

On Oct 13th, I went to Castle Rock on my lunch hour for a blue meet & greet.  I'm from the 6th district and had a chance to meet Hank Eng personally for a few minutes before Mark Udall arrived.  Hank lived in Africa for 11 yrs as part of the Peace Corps and USAID.  He’s seen hunger.  And during our brief chat he told me that he knows hunger contributes to issues with national security.  He also said that he knows that hunger is a problem that can be solved.  I must admit, I was excited to hear this!  Those who don't understand hunger & poverty don't realize they are solveable problems.  If elected, Hank could be a great advocate for the hungry and impoverished.

I was able to ask the last question of Mark Udall during Q&A.  I told him that before the recent increase in food prices, 1 in 8 Coloradans was considered food insecure.  Given this, how would he ensure Coloradans have enough to eat?  He responded by saying that hunger and poverty are demoralizing issues.  He talked about what the 2008 version of the Farm Bill did right with regard to nutrition assistance/food stamps.  He said his job would be to ensure the bill is adequately funded.  I was told we could count on him to be a proponent of hunger issues!  

On Oct 17th I attended a meet & greet and candidate forum for several districts and senatorial candidates.  During the meet & greet, I talked to Hank Eng again, telling him more about who Bread is and how I would work with him, if elected, on legislative issues that pertain to hunger and poverty.  He was warm and receptive and even talked about "fumigating" Congress so that critical issues could be considered and acted upon!

I was able to talk with Mike Coffman as well.  I introduced myself and Bread.  He was honest and said he isn’t up-to-speed on hunger/poverty issues and legislation, but is interested, and he suggested that we meet before the end of the year, if he is elected, so that he can understand more about who we are.

Don't underestimate the impact you can have by attending these events in the last few days!  The only time the question is too late is if it isn't asked at all.  Asking questions of these candidates in front of their constituents is a powerful way to let them know that their community cares about these issues and that we're holding them accountable.  Hunger & poverty don't stop and neither can we! 

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This is such a great organization and the work you guys are doing for poverty and hunger is amazing. Everyone needs to do their part to help put an end to this world crisis.

Check out www.drink1give10.com. It's a great campaign for Volvic bottled water and Unicef, where Volvic is donating money for each bottle of water sold to Unicef to help build wells in Africa to provide clean drinking water for children.

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