Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Have Faith (like a child). End Hunger.

Bread kids

By Cindy of The APB (Anti-Poverty Blog)

Two things mainly define me these days: I’m an anti-poverty activist and a mom of two preschool kids.  I’m sometimes asked how I do serious work while raising small children full-time.  While it definitely makes things tricky, kids provide motivation for being visible in faith and activism.  We talk about sharing and caring, but preschoolers learn best by observing. So, my tiny charges accompany me to my U.S. Representative’s office, march in CROP walks, and know the food pantry director by name.  I let them see what I do and seek out charity events where they can participate, too.  I don’t expect them to become lobbyists.  Yet I try to nurture generous hearts and hope they won’t take so long to realize that their voices can change the world. 

Still, moments are rare and precious when I see the message getting through.  They appear unexpectedly like the night I was upset about extreme dawdling at bedtime.  Just as I was about to yell, they marched up with proud smiles and presented me with a sign they’d made all by themselves with their own special spelling: “BRED FORE THE WRLD HELP PORE.”  With teary eyes, I thanked them and I thanked God for giving me little helpers to do His work.


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