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Day Nine: Vaya con Dios, Nicaragua

Chinandega is Nicaragua’s hottest town, and I’m not talking about the nightlife. It’s only the beginning of the dry season, and it was 98 degrees yesterday. Yikes.

This was our second day with Cuenta Reto Del Milenio, which is the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s project in Nicaragua. Establishing the MCC was Bread’s Offering of Letters in 2003. So it’s extra special to see development that we Bread members have been directly involved in putting into place. 

Nubia and Volcano rs And we finally got the chance to meet Nubia Baca. People at the MCC in Washington have been telling us about Nubia since we began planning this trip, for good reason. She’s a force of nature, just like San Cristobal, Nicaragua’s highest volcano that looms over her finca (farm) and its 60 head of dairy cattle. Some of the women we’ve met in Nicaragua have been quiet and reticent. Not Nubia. Marcos, our translator, could barely keep up with her; he looked worn out by the end of the day. (Or maybe that was the result of spending the whole week with us…) From alfalfa fields to cheese-making…Nubia’s is quite the story. And you can read about her in the upcoming 2009 Offering of Letters handbook! It will be available in late January – check out Bread’s Web site to keep posted about it.Nubia and cows rs

That’s my job now, to go back home, take everything we’ve seen, and craft it all into stories you can read in Bread’s publications and online. I always wish I had more time on these trips. People have been unfailingly open and welcoming to us. But it’s hard to drop in for just a little while (and with a film crew in tow) and try to get a handle on how people live. It’s a glimpse at best, but it’s one I’m honored to have. And I want other people to know more about Nubia, and the Consejo de Mujeres (Council of Women), and Pedro, who at age 34 just completed first grade and who is already planning for his young daughters to attend college someday. So, stay tuned…
Note taking rs

Kimberly Burge is Bread for the World's senior writer/editor.


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