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Blogging about Global Fund to Fight AIDS

A Bread for the World activist in Chicago who is known by her moniker ccyl wrote a great piece in the Anti-Poverty Blog about the Global Fund to fight AIDS. 

Here is an excerpt:

A pediatric resident with tuberculosis treating 150 patients at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

A fourteen-year-old Zambian girl caring for three siblings because her parents died of AIDS.

A mother in India spreading a treated bed net over her children to protect them from malaria.

What do these scenes have in common? They are all reminders that diseases of poverty – AIDS, TB and malaria – are alive and well, even in our local communities.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria is one of the world’s most effective tools for fighting these deadly diseases. It provides huge percentages of the international funding to combat them: 25% for AIDS, 66% for TB, and 75% for malaria. It distributes drug treatments and bed nets as well as providing essential support services. It shelters women disowned by husbands who infect them with AIDS. It teaches villagers to detect and treat malaria. It even protects Illinois residents by working to stop the spread of global TB.

Track H.R. 2139 on Open Congress

OpenCongress.org is a great tool for tracking bills in Congress.  It allows you to subscribe using RSS to any bill moving through Congress.  You can also subscribe to a feed for your member of Congress and track their votes, co-sponsorship and introduction of new legislation.  It's a great tool for keeping our members of Congress accountable.  If you join the site, it has basic social networking features, like adding friends, casting your opinion on specific bills and commenting on actions by your members of Congress. 

You can subscribe to an RSS feed to track H.R. 2139 Initiating Foreign Assistance Reform Act of 2009 by clicking here.  Enjoy.

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