Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

We are agents. Let's not waste this crisis.

Lisa Sharon Harper, Executive Director of NY Faith and Justice and author of Evangelical Does Not Equal Republican or Democrat, offered our evening plenary talk about responding to the crisis of our time.  She asked us to frame the crisis of hunger in the concept of shalom as explored in Scripture - Genesis 1 and 2.  

Lisa walked us through the Scripture by talking about how God responded to creation when God created the world.  Lisa made a compelling link between shalom, food, and God's desire for love among all creation.  She said, "It's our responsibility to make sure these relationships are all in working order.  God gave us agency here on earth.  Agency is characterized by love and servanthood of the other."  It is our responsibility to respond when people are hungry, suffering, dying, struggling in war without peace.

Lisa went on to speak about God's only commandment in the Garden.  "God only gave one command in Genesis 2 and it's connected to food.  You can eat from any tree in the garden, but don't eat from the tree in the middle - you will die....The evil is the experience of not trusting God's word.  Not chosing God's way."

We can't waste this crisis of hunger in our time, because God is calling us to act.  God is calling us to reflect God's desire for shalom in the world.  We are agents of shalom.  Praise be to God. 

Thank you Lisa for your witness and powerful words.


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