Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Opening Session: Welcome to Rejoice. Hope. & Act.

Welcome!  This is Meredith Williams, TX-AR-OK Organizer, blogging LIVE the opening session of Bread for the World's National Gathering.

"The seed that falls on good ground will yeild a fruitful harvest."  Three Bread for the World members reflect on the theme and share it with the group.

REJOICE!  Carlos Navarro -- a fantastic activist and former board member from our region's neighboring state of New Mexico -- opens the session with reflections on the theme "rejoice." Carlos rejoices with the community he has discovered through his work with Bread for theCarlos has been a Bread for the World member since 1983. 

HOPE!  Derick Dailey, a college student in Missouri (and originally from the Central Southern regional state of Arkansas), reflects on HOPE.  Upon reflecting about hope with a friend, they discussed how hope is the opening of the end of a long, dark tunnel.  It is what continues to inspire us to act on behalf of poor and hungry people.  

ACT!  "Go and do likewise!" Rebecca Vander Meulen, of the Anglican Diocese of Niassa, Mozambique exclaims that each of Bread for the World's members are "going and doing likewise" by working to fight poverty in their community and abroad.  

Now we move on to David Beckmann's remarks...


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