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Photography for Change

In this afternoon workshop, freelance photographers Margaret W. Nea (her photograph is currently featured as the cover of the 2009 Hunger Report), Rick Reinhard, and Jim Stipe shared their photographs with the workshop participants -- and speaking about how photography is a tremendous educational tool.

Margaret spoke about her trips to the Sudan and connected a story with her vivid photography.  Rick shared his pictures, taken over 10 years, at the United States-Mexico border and spoke about how his pictures have been used to illustrate stories about individuals crossing the borders.

Former regional organizer, Jim Stipe, now a freelance photographer shared the Haitian Proverb, "What the eye does not see - does not change the heart."  Jim talked about how photography can be the catalyst for action.  He spoke about his work with UNICEF and addressing the use of children as camel jockeys in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  His pictures illustrated the plight of these children, who have been exploited by child traffickers.

Each of the stories illustrated by these photographers have a common thread of families
affected by desperate poverty.  

Poverty caused by war. 
Immigration motivated by the hopes for success in a new land.
Families willing to give their children up for the hope of them having better lives.

The photograhers then took questions from workshop participants and discussed how they can use their own pictures from their ministries, travels, or interests to enhance their own stories about thier passion for hunger and poverty.

Some participants shared that in their faith community, talented youth photographers are used on mission and service trips and those pictures are featured in the faith community's Stations of the Cross.

Hillary Doran, Bread's Graphic Designer, informed the workshop participants that you can send your pictures to Bread for the World -- especially for Bread for the World events -- to further enhance the way that you participate in telling Bread for the World's story.

Another participant talked about how his faith community would take pictures and pair them with a poem or essays to communicate a story about poor and hungry people.

Do you have folders and folders of pictures waiting to be shared?  Who would benefit most from seeing them?



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