Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

The Rising of Bread for the World - Panel Discussion

Micheal Gerson, David Beckmann and Art Simon spoke on a panel about the beginnings and challenges of Bread for the World.  Michael started the discussion by asking Art, Bread's founder, about how Bread emerged from his direct service church ministry in New York City.  Art commented, "My father used to say that it's better to build a fence at the end of the road rather than send an ambulance.  Bread for the World emerged as a way of building a fence." Art recently published a book called "The Rising of Bread for the World," which recounts 35 years of history of Bread for the World.  You can purchase your copy on our website.

When asked what he's learned about working to end hunger over the past 35 years, Art said, "We've got an opportunity with the new administration and the new Congress.  Don't kid yourself.  It's not going to be easy.  We're only going to make things happen unless we get out there and show our elected officials that we want them to take action.  No matter how promising an administration may be - we cannot take that for granted.  We've got to get out there and seize this opportunity."

Michael raised the challenge of the current economic crisis and the temptation to look inward.  David Beckmann made an argument for the importance of increased foreign assistance funding in the midst of an economic crisis.

Art closed the panel discussion with a powerful call to advoacy:

Our own integrity as Christians is at stake.  If our faith in Jesus is real, Jesus calls us to take action.  Action can come in many different ways and forms.  A  key part of it is what Bread for the World is urging people to do - the advocacy side of things.  If we really want hunger to end, it's not enough that we just upgrade our direct assistance.  We have to get the nation as a whole to take action. If we believe in a God who has created us for the purpose of serving others, who has redeemed us in Christ, we are to reflect that love to others with our whole being.  Bread for the World can play a significant role in that.


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