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A Voice That Cries For Justice, Equality, and Opportunity

As the Food Stamp Challenge comes to a close I have found a new lens through which to look at poverty and hunger issues.  Having experienced only a small taste of hunger and the stress that accompanies it, I know now that the fight to end hunger and poverty is essential.

Today in the Washington Post an opinion article commented on the rise in food insecurity in US homes, questioning whether hunger was really an issue in the United States.  The writer, Charles Lane, makes the point that 99.9% of children had at least one meal a day last year. The reality this insensitive claim forgets is that all people need more than one meal a day to be healthy and productive.  Children especially need a healthy diet to do well in school.  In light of arguments like these, we must fight all the harder to end hunger and cry out against the callus voice of complacency and ignorance.

Because people struggle everyday with food insecurity and hunger, we must write our legislators, inform our friends about the issues, keep ourselves accountable, and constantly work in each of our own ways to increase awareness and truly end hunger.  I encourage everyone to try the Food Stamp Challenge for yourself, to expose yourself to the hunger that so many face.  Without a visceral understanding of hunger, our ability to advocate and fight for the cause is limited. And we need instead a voice that cries for justice, equality, and opportunity to end poverty and hunger.

Mark Fenton is an Intern at Bread for the World


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What is the Food Stamp Challenge?

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