Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Hunger in the News

A look at today’s top headlines:

Food crisis looms in rural Haiti. More than a month after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January, FAO and the international humanitarian organization CARE have issued a joint alert over a national food crisis. (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States)

Indian farmers go bananas for easy irrigation. With seven months of drought each year, Indian farmers are rarely far from disaster. Could the answer be as simple as a piece of plastic tubing? (BBC)

Haiti earthquake: U.N. seeks record donations. The United Nations has increased its humanitarian appeal for Haiti to $1.44 billion -- an all-time high. (BBC)

How a new jobless era will transform America. After nearly two brutal years, the Great Recession appears to be over, at least technically. Yet a return to normalcy seems far off. (The Atlantic)

Obama creates deficit taskforce. The body will report back by the end of the year on what steps need to be taken to get the deficit down to 3% of GDP. (BBC)

State pension plans face $1 trillion shortfall. States may be forced to reduce benefits, raise taxes or slash government services to address a $1 trillion funding shortfall in public sector retirement benefits, according to a new study. (Huffington Post)

Climate Change

U.N. climate chief submits his resignation. Yvo de Boer’s departure takes effect five months before 193 countries are due to reconvene in Mexico for another attempt at a global deal on climate. (BBC)

Global Weirding is Here. Of the festivals of nonsense that periodically overtake American politics, surely the silliest is the argument that because Washington is having a particularly snowy winter it proves that climate change is a hoax and, therefore, we need not bother with all this girly-man stuff like renewable energy, solar panels and carbon taxes. (The New York Times)

Canada's permafrost retreats amid warming trend. The permanently frozen ground known as permafrost is retreating northward in the area around Canada's James Bay, a sign of a decades-long regional warming trend. (AlterNet)


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