Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Hunger in the News

A look at today's top headlines:

Food Crisis Looms in Rural Haiti. "This is a hidden but pervasive crisis that has already touched all corners of the country,” said Dick Trenchard, Assessments Coordinator for FAO in Haiti. “Rural areas experiencing the highest levels of displacement from Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas are the most affected, particularly the Artibonite in the west and Grand’Anse in the south.” [AlertNet]

"Women's Decade": Greater Attention to Implementation. According to UNIFEM's 2008 Progress of the World's Women report, government budgets are the largest single source of financing for gender equality and women's empowerment in most countries. [Inter Press Service News Agency]

Aid 'Shortfall' to Poorer Nations. Aid to developing countries from richer nations will fail to hit aid targets set five years ago at the Gleneagles summit, a study has suggested. [BBC]

Poverty in Childhood Can Shape Neurobiology: Study. Living in poverty can shape the neurobiology of a developing child "in powerful ways," affecting children's behavior, health and how well they do later in life. [AFP]

Obama's Health Care Proposal Lays Blueprint for Democratic Action. President Obama officially released his own health care reform proposal on Monday in a last-ditch effort to unite the Democratic Party around some sort of comprehensive legislation. [Huffington Post]

The Economy's Latest Victim: Breakfast. The nation's high unemployment rate has thrown millions of people out of work, scared shoppers away from stores and threatened the economic recovery. Now it's taking a bite out of breakfast. [The Washington Post]

The Future of Black History. If we want to make black history every month, we must do a better job educating the millions of impoverished black children in America. For many of them, school will be the only way out from under the federal poverty line. [Newsweek]

Climate Change/Environment
'Mountains' of E-Waste Threaten Developing World. Huge amounts of old computers and discarded electronic goods are piling up in countries such as China, India and some Africa nations. [BBC]

U.S. Aims for Legally Binding Climate Change Agreement in 2010. The U.S. said it wants to reach a legally binding climate-change agreement at a summit in Mexico in December, a sign President Barack Obama hasn’t given up the fight for a global accord to limit greenhouse gases. [BusinessWeek]

Obama Mounts a Last-Ditch Attempt to Pass a 'Hybrid' Climate and Energy Bill. The White House is mounting a last-ditch effort to piece together an energy and climate change bill that has enough incentives for nuclear power, natural gas and the coal industry to muster the votes needed to pass it this year. [The New York Times]


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