Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Hunger in the News

A look at today's top headlines:

The World's Best Countries for Women. International Women's Day seems like an appropriate occasion to ask which countries do best by women -- and why. [The New York Times]

China Villagers Moved to Quench the Urban Thirst. It's the biggest mass migration in China since the Three Gorges Dam project, under which some 1.5 million people have been relocated. [BBC]

Visualizing the Internet. An interactive map tracks Internet users around the world. [BBC]

Ag Committee Votes for No Budget Cuts. The House Agriculture Committee voted unanimously March 3 to tell the House Budget Committee not to cut any agriculture programs in the fiscal year 2011 budget … [Ag Week]

USDA Criticizing Food Stamp Application Methods. Farmers, supermarkets and truckers across the country are losing billions of dollars in business because California, Texas, Arizona and New York City are using procedures that discourage people eligible for food stamps from applying for them… [Ag Week]

Poverty is Hitting the Suburbs with More Sting. Bastions of the middle class, Twin Cities suburbs are seeing financial pain spreading quietly among their residents. They now have more poor people than the core cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

Can't Get a Job after Law School? Try the Census Bureau. Last census the government shelled out $9.5 million in marketing costs to try to recruit employees. This time around, there is competition to join the ranks. [Business Insider]

Climate Change/Environment
IMF Floats Climate Change Fund Idea. [T]he International Monetary Fund has switched its attention to the environment with a plan for the world's governments to pool together to raise money needed to adapt to climate change. [The Press Association]

A Climate-Change Chameleon. It's hard to tell whether New Delhi really understands the economic cost of fighting "global warming." [The Wall Street Journal]

Germany's Merkel: There May Not Be a Climate Deal. Merkel said binding targets are opposed by China and India, which she called a "structural problem" for a new climate treaty. [CanadianBusiness.com]


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